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Video Conference Policy

Policy Statement

The Ninth Judicial Circuit will provide video conference equipment and support for trial appearances and judicial hearings, when equipment and support staff are available. The requesting party is responsible for all line/telephone, remote site service, and other miscellaneous charges.


1. The party requests the Court to allow a video conference hearing. Requests must be made a minimum of 48 business hours (Monday through Friday) prior to the scheduled hearing.

2. Before approving the request, the Court will review the video conference schedule to determine whether the equipment will be available.

3. The Court orders the video conference. The video conference start time must be a minimum of 48 business hours after the Court order.

4. The Judicial Assistant immediately notifies Court Administration’s Audio\Visual Department of the approved video conference hearing and directs the requesting party to complete and submit the video conference form to the Audio\Visual Department. The form should be completed on-line through the Court’s website at the following address: The form must be completed a minimum of 48 business hours prior to the scheduled video conference.

5. Upon receiving the form, the Audio\Visual Department schedules and conducts a connection and compatibility test with the remote site. The test must take place a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled video conference hearing.

6. On the date of the video conference hearing, the Audio\Visual Department sets up the audio\visual equipment, establishes the connection and remains available, during the hearing, to assist with any technical issues.

Court Administration Contacts

Orange County 

Ninth Judicial Circuits Audio Visual Department

Phone: 407.836.0522


Osceola County

Nevajo Lumsden Audio/Visual Technical Manager

Phone: 407.742.2528


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